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From The Dressing Room

23 Nov


Hello all, and welcome to the ladies dressing room. I am currently the only one in it, as Maria is presently off being married.

…An attentive audience laughs now and then, obligingly, as I touch up my makeup for bows.

…I keep winking at the mirror, as a bobby pin headache began some time ago, attacking just behind my left eyeball. Also, my tummy is grumpy…prob’ly from that giant cheese plate I ate for dinner. Oh the drama that is my life!

A fellow castie joins me now, her nose in a book. Homework, mid performance, backstage. Aye, I remember it well…


And now we convene at the post-show watering hole. I’m tired, my tummy is still rumbling…fucking cheese of awesome. I need to get some zzz’s a’fore the second dude callback that Marty n’ I have with Mr. Director to find us a male lead, tomorrow morning.

…Then it’ll be onto cookie baking with The BFF, and the meeting and supping with Marty’s Ma, and shows, followed by cast party number 350. We’s a happening group.

Happy Black Friday, all.


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