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For The Groundlings

15 Nov


Tonight is our Pay What You Can…a performance for those who aren’t of the easy spare-cash-crowd.

…A notoriously loud and appreciative audience, made up mostly of our poor friends, is usually what this means.  And we welcome them (and  you) all into the theatre tonight for some bawdy fun.  Laugh loudly, cat-call at will, and enjoy what our four reviews assure, are fine performances in a joyous romp of mistaken identities, love, revenge and hilarity.

Go us’s!

Meanwhile: Today, a slow one at work.  The WHS Pimp and I decided to take the opportunity of Boss being absent, to reorganize some things in the Warehouse and office.  New systems to be implemented soon, which will have the Bunnies in an uproar, as they are when any change takes place.  But with winter on the horizon, it’s time to tighten up the belts and condense things into ship-shape specifics.  This has everything to do with a rumored OTHER Corporate visit, supposedly taking place the last week of this month. So, it’s better we be prepared now and get everyone used to the new order of things…two weeks before their coming.


Last night paid a visit to Marty and Bruce as K.L. pulled his second 24hr duty in three days. 

…Much “Will & Grace” over Tai food eating taking place, with script read to prep a bit for Saturday’s callback before the show.

…Which will be an interesting day, as emotions go, thanks to the topic matter. With a buffer of one hour and fifteen minutes ‘tween the death, ruination and questionable lesbian crises involving two teachers at an all girls boarding school, that is “Children’s Hour,” and our call for “Twelfth Night.” 


…We can do that!

…We can do anything!

We…are “Actors!”

(Pass it around.)


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