WordPress Love

1 Nov


Since joining WordPress, I’ve gotta say, I have fallen hard for the community they have built and the writers who make it their home.  My previous blog platforms and services did the same job of publication, but the social atmos was much to be desired in compare to the (to me) elite collection of various artists who have seen fit to make this, their home.

…My “Follow” subscriptions are on a level of topics, writing styles, artistic expressions, history lessons and general “didja know” information-feeding that I can only compare with my Netflix cue, so varied my interests are flung. From day to day, I am constantly discovering new talents, here in our home blogging-sphere. The entertainment and curiosity level they feed me, have hugely contributed to the fact that I haven’t picked up a paper book in far too long…because I find myself too curious about what prewitt1970 or Urban Wall Art painted today, or what insane bucket list check-off Lesley Carter has been up to.

…Getting my daily positive reinforcement from Ladyromp has become a morning coffee routine, Brilliant London , and Dorset Rambler provide me with much needed get-aways when I’m homesick for overseas, an old theatre bud’s gallivanting about the globe in Where’s My Backpack continually feeds me with new sights and sounds and smiles, as I hear her Irish lilt and bawdy laugh reporting it aloud in my head.

Cristian Mihai feeds writerly inspiration, and Belle Grove Plantation is like a History Channel special, in it’s every delicious detail. Jenibo of A Breath From Breathing was my original inspiration to make the post-a-day challenge a reality, Amanda Meets Book, and Confederacy of Spinsters, are for when I really need a good bailing totally inappropriate laugh, Eggton is a salty-sweet delicacy of words and recipes, and Muguet’s Blog is a place of wonder, both found and newly created.

Thoughts on Theatre, and Artless Poems feed my little inner Bohemian, while One Thousand Single Days has been blowing my mind with her devotion to her personal challenge as well as her art in words.

…There are more, of course…49 on my reader roster in total. These are but a few of the most prolific, who make it on an if not daily — than nearly — basis of consumer enjoyment. I look forward to finding out how their worlds move forward, have come to know their friends and loved ones they write about, as if they were mine as well. These people, to my mind, have become fully fleshed-out characters in a myriad of separate stories, in this neat little collection arriving on my reader log daily. They enlighten and inspire me…they engage my attention and (together with my own subscribers) keep me coming back for more.

To post and to read, daily.

…Sure, it is a sometime difficult and totally impractical feat…but I do it because they are here, doing it as well. It has become the largest art-support based project (outside of theatre ) that I have ever been a part of.

…And I just wanna give props to the people who have helped build and nurture a world that is so open and inspiring and eager to be fed and played and talked with.

Every. Single. Day.



6 Responses to “WordPress Love”

  1. rebecca2000 November 1, 2012 at 1:35 pm #

    Yes well a friend blogger sent me your way. It seems we all connect in writing if for no other reason. I love wordpress. It is the only place I can be a bit naughty but fun in a way that is me.

    • She Writes A Little November 1, 2012 at 1:53 pm #

      I *totally* agree with you…it’s where ladies like the us’s can let it all hang out with no judgy-judges, and only naughty-laughs of appreciation from our readers.

  2. prewitt1970 November 1, 2012 at 4:26 pm #

    Thank you for the mention I’m honored to have captured even a small part of your busy life. But more so thank you!! For keeping your blog up, I look forward to each and every word you have to say even I it’s just a peak into your day, captivating, splendid and always a treat.

  3. kathryn2013 November 1, 2012 at 11:18 pm #

    Really like your blog v.vintage style it rocks.

  4. ailsapm November 1, 2012 at 11:20 pm #

    I’m deliriously happy that you jumped ship and joined the cool kids over here on WordPress – and that we are exploring another artistic realm in our own unique ways, as we have done in the past on stage (and shall probably do so again in the future!) Yaay us!

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