A Scene & A Prologue Away

4 Oct


Almost there!!!

…I can taste the sweet freedom of life without book, just there at the tip of my tongue! “Soon! Soon!” It calls to me, as I pace the floor chewing words on repeat and erupting with “fuck!” every time I screw it up again. But not for much longer. I’ve found Maria’s musical tempo, and now it’s just a matter of say 24 hours. Once you catch the timing of a thing, it’s a downhill slide of ease and play, from there. Then it will be running chanting cycles at speed, through showers and washing dishes, while driving and taking walks…and every night, waiting for sleep to hit me over the head.  Dear lord, I’m so excited to get my face out of the paper script, that I could “Huzzah!” with joy!

…We will finish final blocking this week, and begin our runs with the coming of Monday…a plethora of time in which to play and dig up things to make us all sparkly with yay. (But not in the lame, Twilight vampire way.)

…Speaking of: Have you seen this yet?  Cuz when “M”showed it to me at the pub after rehearsal one day, I almost spewed booze all over her face.

…Yeah.  That just happened on your computer, friend.  And, you are welcome.

Tonight we are working “Prologue” and fisticuffs. Mdm. Director has us playing contemporary Mummers at a host’s party, thus launching the play within the play, that is ours. And so we will build it’s fantastical conception (including costumes and props) from the guts of a single trunk upon the stage as they did once in times of olde. And we will sing raucous rounds of Merry-making music while we do it, popping out from every orifice that the theatre has to offer.

…Which sounds dirty and sweaty and fun. And will be! Don’t you just wanna go buy some tickets for it right now? Cuz, you should!

Meanwhile, am trying to remember how to fit a balance in of “Life” time, “Work” time and “Theatre stuff.”

…The “Life” stuff is odd and sometimes new, but not in a bad way…the “Work” stuff is heavy with stress and the need for an Everlast punching bag bolted in the corner over there…and the “Theatre” is back to it’s routine schedule of sleepless hours, lots of leg work, and laughing. I feel like I’m back to being the human “me” that I’m used to, again. I hate taking breaks that long, between gigs. Always feels like an arm or something is missing. But it’s the last one I’ll be having for quite a while now…so I get to settle in for a long haul of work and play times ahead.

…It’s good for my brains.

All creative stuff is. You should get you some, and go play in it!



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