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The Blog That Wasn’t

3 Oct


This is the second time I’ve written my blog today. The fucker error’d at the end and killed it all.

…It was a good one too, on “Character study” and patience and prep, and adhering to your own process to finding balance within the show, and other people’s speed and ways of work. It was about allowing myself the time to figure out what I want to do with this role, and not feel rushed into owning every aspect to perfection right out the gate, when I’m still trying to remember what my fucking lines are. It was about what it takes to be the “straight man” on a ship of fools, and the acceptance and hard work that comes with it.

…It was actually pretty damn good.

Then it totally disappeared when I pressed the “Post” button.

For all of time.

…So you will not be getting that neat little essay, after all. Because when I was through melting the laptop with my cursing (after-the-fact), I realized that I was the one who really needed the information it contained…not you. It only matters that I know these things, and respect them, and adhere to them…and I do now, and have given myself permission to say: “No. I am not writing it all out again. I don’t want to deal with the frustration of it, and, I haven’t the time.”

So there.

…Which means this is going to be a fairly purposeless blog, for which I will not apologize. I did my job. And I feel I’m doing it further, by not letting a technical failure ruin my day, and the things I wanted to share with you.

We have lots of time to spend talking in the future, friends.

…After all…tomorrow is another day ūüôā


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