The New Den Of Iniquity

29 Jun


A new chapter and a new blog.

…After three years I was hacked out of my carefully protected undercover pseudonym…not a happy moment of realization, I assure you.  But worry not, little bunnies, no personal repercussions arose from it, only private ones.  It was suggested by certain people to say, “fuck it, let ’em revel in the shit, joke’s on them.”  Only this is my haven, writing out all the dirty little details.  Always has been.  Regardless of whether certain people relish in the fact they are stars of many a frequent episode, or not…I don’t want them to have access to my private life, any more than I did before.

…Which brings us to two things: 1) Limit my audience, or 2) Pick up sticks and move to a new town.

Guess which one I picked.

…So here I am, back in witness protection, writing from what I hope will be a fantastic home for years to come.  Welcome to the new (and possibly improved) brothel, kids! I’ve cleaned it up and all, but it’ll take a while to get all the rooms themed and situated in such a way as we have all become accustomed. Till then, please join me in popping open your favorite bottle of whatever is on the bar, and raise it up in a toast…

To: The New Den of Iniquity.  May it outlive the last.

Thanks for readin’, loves.


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